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Walton Freezer   WCF-1D5-RRXX-XX

Model: WCF-1D5-RRXX-XX
Price: 19,967.00


- Type: Direct Cool

- Category: Frost

- Gross Volume: 146 Ltr

- Net Volume: 146 Ltr

- Refrigerant: R600a ‚Äč


Walton Freezer - WCF-1D5-RRXX-XX


- Type: Direct Cool

Capacity :

- Gross Volume: 146 Ltr.

- Net Volume: 146 Ltr.

Performance :

- Climatic Type (SN, N, ST, T): N ~ ST

- Rated Operating Voltage and Frequency: 220-240V/50

- Compressor Input Power (Watt): V 03.01- 110V 04.01- 111V 05.01- 140

- Compressor Type: V 03.01- RSCRV 04.01- RSCRV 05.01- RSCR

- Cooling Efect: Freezer Cabinet Less than -180C

- Energy Rating: N/A

- General Features:

- Temperature Control (Electronic/ Mechanical):: Mechanical

- Defrosting (Automatic/ Manual): Manual

- Reversible Door: Foaming Door

- Handle (Recessed/ Grip): N/A

- Lock: N/A

- Refrigerant: V 03.01- R134aV 04.01- R134aV 05.01- R600a

- Condenser: 100% Copper

- Thermostat: RoHS Certified

- Capillary: Copper

- Polyurethane foam blowing agent: CycloPentane[Eco-friendly (100% CFC HCFC Free) Green Technology]

- Recommended voltage stabilizer capacity(600VA): V 01.01V 02.01V 03.01V 04.01V 05.01

Freezer Compartment :

- Exterior Material: Painted Steel (PCM)

- Interior Material: Embossed Aluminium Sheet

- Ice/ cold water Dispenser: No

- Shelf (Material/No): Wire/1

- Drawer: No

- Basket: Wire/1

- Interior Lamp: No

Dimensions (Net) :

- Width/mm: 743

- Depth/mm: 574

- Height/mm: 823

Packing :

- Width/mm: 760

- Depth/mm: 600

- Height/mm: 865

- Weight/Kg - Net/Packing:: 35 / 39 ± 2

- Loading Capacity- 40HQ/ 40Ft/ 20Ft: 180/ 120/ 60

- Warranty Information:

- Residential Use:

- Replacement Guarantee: 1 Year (Condition Apply)

- Main Parts (Compressor): 12 Years

- Spare Parts: 4 Years

- After Sales Service:5 Year

- Commercial Use:

- Main Parts (Compressor): 4 Years

- Spare Parts: 2 Years

- After Sales Service: 2 Years

- Note:

- This warranty does not cover the following cases:

- 1. Any damage due to accident, electrical fault, natural causes, negligence or improper installation.

- 2. Any damage or failure caused by unauthorized modification or alteration.

- 3. Products with original serial numbers that have been removed, distorted or cannot be readily recognized.

- Authority keeps the right to change, extend, correct, stop or cancel the warranty period without any prior notice.

- *This warranty covers only manufacturing defects in products workmanship, subject to verification by company personnel.
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