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   Top 10 Kitchen Appliances Used In Bangladesh
Kitchen appliances play a crucial role in daily life in Bangladesh, making cooking easier, faster and more efficient. With the increasing demand for modern kitchen appliances, many international and local brands have made their way into the market, providing consumers with a variety of options to choose from. In this article, we will take a look at the top kitchen appliances used in Bangladesh.

   Top Best Miyako Electric Oven

Miyako is a Bangladeshi brand of electric ovens. Miyako is a Brand of Miyako Appliance Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is one of the top brands for electronic home appliances of Bangladesh. Miyako electric ovens are known for their quality, durability, and features. Some of the features include an automatic shut-off, a self-cleaning cycle, and a delay start timer. Miyako electric ovens are available in a variety of sizes and styles to fit any kitchen.

Hare I have mention few top pop ... [more]

   Top 10 Advantages of Washing Machines

A washing machine is a househol ... [more]

   Exactly Why OLED TV is Different

I have seen the long run of high definition displays wonderfully. To not mention rollable, foldable, and clearly superior to LCD/LED— each alternative panel technology accessible nowadays.
What are OLED and the way will it work?

OLED, or Organic light-weight Emitting Diodes, ar AN outcome of existing conventional crystal rectifier technology. LEDs are semic ... [more]

   LG 55EG9100 TV Review

It is a stretch to decision it for fifty-five inches, however, in contrast to LG's different OLED TVs, it's somewhere shut the realm that several individuals will afford.

In the Britain, this TV thought because of the 55EG910V and sells for different prices in many states and Bangladesh it is expensive. Apart from variations in practical TV app support, the TVs square measure primarily just like the ... [more]

   LG LDCS24223S Refrigeratore Review

The LDCS24223S offers many spaces for groceries and a well-constructed interior. It additionally options an improved pledge than large bottom freezers from alternative makers.
Cooling performance wasn't as sharp as we have seen in alternative models -- as well as LG's previous generation of the identical icebox. The stainless-steel is additionally particularly at risk of fingerprints.

Near-per ... [more]

   Best 4 Digital Cameras in 2016
Okay, we tend to admit it – it's associate, not a possible question. The simplest camera for a professional lensman may be a million miles from the simplest camera for associate journey sports nut. Thus what we've done is recognize what we expect square measure the standout cameras in their fields. It's as a result of they need the first superb options and specifications, as a result of they are excellent worth for wha ... [more]
   Superb 3 Compact Cameras You may Choose

Compact cameras and therefore the compact camera market have modified plenty over a previous couple of years. Sensible phones have decimated the entry-level vary of point-and-shoot models that want to be standard, and as a result, makers have focused on swing additional advanced options into cameras to form them other engaging.

In addition to a move towards having physically larger sensor ... [more]

   The Superb Advantages Of Air Purifiers
These embody you may find so many advantages of air purifiers of internal pollutants, like those emitted from cleanup merchandise and plastics, additionally as external pollutants, like emissions from cars and buildings that course in through doors and windows. Though exploitation associated air apparatus will have health advantages, particularly if you've got bronchial ... [more]
   Types of Room Air Conditioners for Office or Home

In several components of the country about room air conditioner, the new summer months will be virtually unendurable while not a correct cooling system in situ. These days, several homes and offices in Bangladesh have central AC systems that eat up energy bills, usually directly to chill the few rooms they pay time. If this state of affairs applies to you–or if you do not presently have a ... [more]

   How to Choose Perfect Coffee Maker for Home

To find the most practical kitchen appliance isn't a straightforward task. These days, there’s an intensive style of occasional manufacturers on the market of perfect coffee maker in Bangladesh. You have got to navigate deep into the occasional brewer’s world to envision out all the on the casual market producers and realize the precise one to suit your desires.
To help yo ... [more]
   Best MOP brand price specification and review

What is Mop?
A steam cleaner or steam mop is a great tool to possess around the home, particularly if you have a lot of hard floors to stay clean. Here is our pick of the best steam cleaners on the market without delay. Every steam cleaner we tend to featured has been comprehensively tested by North American country – we tend never to embody a product we tend not to place t ... [more]

   Best Rechargeable Fan brand price specification and review

What is a Rechargeable Fan?

Battery operated fans became more of a necessity for each person who works in an associate workplace. Most people use to stay their higher bodies together whereas gamers like them to stay their hands from sweating. These simple artifact gadgets conjointly come back in varied shapes and sizes creating some them moveable whereas others area unit a ... [more]

   Best Charger Light brand price specification and review

What is a Charger Light?
Live without light-weight is entirely not possible currently a day’s, even we can’t assume concerning it. It became a necessary a part of our life. In case there's a sudden power breakdown or the most power goes out, it makes the high state of affairs manager out and hampers our general works and life. In that case, charger lights p ... [more]

   Best Charger Fan brand price specification and review

What is Charger Fan?
In the current weather state of affairs of the Asian nation, charger fan is one in the entire foremost required household appliance for recent time. We think, there's no having to be compelled to describe why we have a tendency to be talking during this approach. You recognize the hottest of the Bangladeshi weather, at the constant ... [more]

   Best Refrigerator brand price specification and review

What is a Refrigerator?

The refrigerator is an associate in the nursing appliance or compartment that's unnaturally unbroken cool and accustomed store food and drink. Fashionable refrigerator usually builds use of the cooling result made once a volatile liquid is forced to evaporate in an exceedingly sealed system, during which it will be condensed back to liquid outside the re ... [more]
   Best washing machine brand price specification and review

What is Washing Machine?

The machine has changed our life. Everything has become easier than before for using a device in different sectors of our daily walks. The washing machine is one of them. It is an extraordinary machine in our household work. A washing machine is a machine which helps us to wash clothes without much effort. The washer it is operated by a motor that is connecte ... [more]
   Best Blender brand price specification and review

What is Blender?
A blender could be a household appliance that's utilized in a mixture, pureeing or emulsifying foods. The essential construction of a bender encompasses a jar and blades connected to an electrical motor at the bottom of the pot. There are a unit entirely different types of blenders and whereas some will solely handle soft foods, some area unit robust enough to c ... [more]

   Top Air Cooler Price specification and review

What is Air Cooler?
Now a day, Air cooler has become a useful product for every house in Bangladesh. Even, people are becoming sick in this summer. The fan isn’t enough at this time; now we need very efficient air cooler for keeping our room could. You may get highly efficient air cooler at the low price in the market. Air coolers are a less expensive choice t ... [more]

   Walton microwave Specification price and review

What is Microwave?

Microwaves save our lives after we got to hurry up for work after you and your relative got to leave your kids as a result of you'd be out on a dinner date; otherwise, you merely haven't any time to try to those extended preparations required for a meal. This room device wouldn't allow you to drown as a result of it'll cook food, death cold foods, softens ... [more]
   Walton IPS price specification and review

Why We Need IPS?
IPS is meaning (Instant Power Supply). IPS is a common thing in our daily life. IPS has made our life more comfortable. In Bangladesh, IPS is a vital thing because most of the time we are suffering for electricity. Power is taken into account the foremost precious invention of the Science. Nice Yankee somebody Thomas Alva artificer is that the artifi ... [more]

   Walton gas stove is comparing with other gas stove

What is Gas Stove?

Food is essential for human beings. We need food to live. All living things need food. But, the human being is the only living thing who cooks food. Cooking is going on from the ancient period. We prepare food to make it tasty and healthy. For cooking, we need a fire. Old people used stones to burn fire. That was quite painful to people because the task was not so easy to make f ... [more]

   Walton Water filter compared to others water filter
What is Water Filter?

Water is not always pure or clean. The water of the lake or river or even supply water may contain many germs and diseases, and it is harmful to our health. It leads us to several diseases like diarrhea, cholera, jaundice, typhoid, etc. So, water must be purified before drinking. It takes several stages to clean water. First, the water has to store in a storage tank then you’ve to ... [more]
   Walton WWP-SH24L Water Filter Review
People use a water filter for improving the taste of water, and another side water filter is used for protecting from harmful contaminants. The Walton water filter will provide you the best quality water filtering than other water filters in Bangladesh. Walton WWP-SH24L has been the best water purifier ever I have seen of Walton products.  The ... [more]
   Ноw tо Тrіm а Веаrd

Κnоwіng hоw tо сut а bеаrd рrореrlу іsn't аs сhаllеngіng аs mоst реорlе thіnk. Ноwеvеr, уоu shоuld rеаllу lеаrn hоw tо trіm уоur bеаrd, sо уоu соuld аlwауs kеер уоur арреаrаnсе frеsh аnd сlеаn. Fіrst оf аll, уоu'll hаvе tо sеlесt оnе оf thе twо bаsіс tесhnіquеs fоr bеаrd trіmmіng. Yоu соuld usе а bе ... [more]

   Walton LED TV WC 50B5000 Review

Walton, yes, I’m speaking on Walton LED TV WC 50B5000. It’s a homegrown product you know. Not only that, it must be the best one in the market- best for many points that it ensures your pleasing watching the movement! A crystal-clear scenario focuses on the display that is eye-soothing in any exciting cricket match or news, debating even a ... [more]
   Walton Refrigerator & Freezer

Walton refrigerator & freezer is one of the electrical products of Walton Company, the latest multinational electronics, electrical, automobiles and other appliances brand with one of the biggest well equipped R & D facilities in the world under the banner of Walton group headquarters in Bangladesh. Walton offers wide range of refrigerators & freezers with a lot of collection of colors, ... [more]

   Types of Television

 Television is one of the gifts of modern science. It’s a technology where we can get many things such like as news, entertainment etc. in one box. It has made our life easier and refreshing. From years to years different types of television have been invented and now-a-days we can see various type television set and its modern attractive look.

There are lots of different types of televisions ava ... [more]

   History of Television

Television is one of the blessings of modern science. Today almost every house has a television set. Some have also two or more. In this modern era, we cannot think a single day without television. It’s a very important part of our day to day life. To see the world, to know the unknown, to get latest news of the world, to get some entertainment etc. we use this technology. This technology has not been invented overnight. It ha ... [more]

   Walton microwave oven WG30ESLR Reviews

Walton microwave oven WG30ESLR

Oven is the kitchen appliance which getting more popular day by day as it is used to cook variety of food and most specially used for reheating the previously cooked foods rapidly. Now-a-days, people who spend busy city life are mostly dependable on this kitchen appliance. From different kind of ovens, the most common and popular one is microwave oven as it c ... [more]

   Seven quick ways to clean up the kitchen

There are many kinds of things in the kitchen choir. Coffee pot, Mug, Sink, Blender, Cutter, Spoon, Salt-cellar, Cover, etc. Not any of those is negligible. However, along with cleaning the kitchen, there is no alternative to clean and disinfect all the utensils, their places and overall environment. In a busy life, there is a shortage of time. So of course it is better to clean the kitchen quickly. Let’ ... [more]

   Walton Rechargeable Fan W17OA-MS Review

Walton Rechargeable fan W170A-MS is a portable rechargeable fan, which is very handy and suitable for our local condition and situation. As the irregularities in non-stop power supply is a common matter now-a-days, it increases the popularity of a portable rechargeable fan.
Body: It is designed simply like a mini version of a stand fan, but the ... [more]

   Edison brings Helio Smartphone in Bangladesh

Edison Group, better known for its mobile phone brand Symphony, will launch another handset ‘Helio’ targeting the premium segment of customers in Bangladesh soon.
The upcoming handset from Helio will be supporting LTE (4G), 64-bit architecture and many other impressive features. The handset will run on Android 5.1 Lollipop OS.
The handset will sport a 13 Megapixel camera on the back ... [more]